What Defines Hip Hop Music? Examples of Hip Hop MusicWhat Defines Hip Hop Music? Examples of Hip Hop Music

You must have heard of the genre of hip hop music. This musical genre is characterized by stylized rhythmic music that was created by the DJs by isolating the percussion breaks of songs with turntables to extend these breaks. So, techniques like mixing or matching, scratching, and beat juggling started to develop along these breaks.

Hip hop was also popularly referred to as rap music that came about during the mid-seventies in the US; it soon became integral to the modern pop culture. It has two significant elements, namely, DJing that includes scratching and audio-mixing, and MCing or rapping. This was soon accompanied by hip hop dance and graffiti or urban-inspired art that became the four pillar of the hip hop movement. Many rappers are getting into cryptocurrency and they are familiar with daily trading apps such BitQT; read this BitQT app review for more details.

Hip hop music makes use of lyrical forms in intense rhythms through techniques like alliteration, rhyming, and assonance. The rapper is typically accompanied by some instrumental tracks like a “beat” that is created using sample percussion breaks of some other song. This style had its beginning in NYC in the Bronx borough and went onto become a sensational genre in the eighties. In the seventies, block parties were very popular in New York, especially amongst the African American youth. At these parties, the DJs would play percussive breaks of the top songs using DJ mixer and a couple of turntables. These helped them to play breaks from twin copies of one record to extend the break. This style of music developed fast because drum machines and sampling technology at the time had become highly affordable. Turntable techniques like beat matching and scratching soon became popular along with these “breaks” and the Jamaican toasting (a vocal chanting style) came to be used with the beats. This is what rapping is all about where the artists chants or speaks rhythmically with a synthesized or instrumental beat. This form of music had not been officially recorded for TV or radio until 1979. This was probably because the style had not become much popular outside the ghettos where it originated.

Some of The Bestselling Music of This Genre Are:

  • “Mind playing tricks on me” by Geto Boys that went onto become a hit in the early nineties and then became significantly influential later on.
  • “Juicy” by rapper Biggies got music lovers familiar with the B.I.G.
  • “It was a good day” by Ice Cube came out in 1993 and reflected Cube’s sharp political mind.
  • Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” turned out to be the Black Lives Matter movements’ official anthem; it is both assuring and uplifting that clearly conveys the dark history of oppression of Blacks in the United States.
  • Drake is known for his autobiographical raps that has won him critical acclaim in hip-hop circles. His single “Worst Behavior” from the album Nothing Was The Same in 2013 is one of the bestselling singles.
  • Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” is a rap song for the Olympics in which he sounds as if he does not even take a breath.
  • Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” was much appreciated by critics and she became the first amongst female rappers whose single went into the Hot 100 list; she eventually won the Grammy Award for the best rap album in 2019.
  • A list without a mention of Eminem is incomplete; this Detroit rapper delivered some of the biggest hits starting with “My Name Is”.